November 9, 2008

Brasilliant's Fall Shuffle

Brendan Benson - "Tiny Spark"
This was the fourth song on the first "mixtape" that Awmercy made for me (I know the playlist by heart). It reminds me of dating, and grad school, and hanging out in D.C.

Sufjan Stevens - "Decatur, or, Round of Applause for Your Step-Mother!"
I have no idea why this song has a two-part title (it's really an awesome song about the history of Decatur, Illinois). However, it reminded me of how much I love Sufjan Stevens and his clever lyrics. I haven't listened to him in ages and will definitely bump him up on future playlists.

Cat Stevens - "Hard Headed Woman"
Also known as Brasilliant's theme song. I really don't need to explain the greatness of Cat Stevens.

Ditty Bops - "Fish to Fry"
A great song from the Ditty Bops' best album, Moon Over the Freeway. It perfectly captures their 1920s dance hall style and makes you want to sing along with their feisty lyrics.

Lenka - "Don't Let Me Fall"
Lenka is another lady that I've grown to love this year. Her happy songs and crisp voice makes me smile throughout the whole album. Awmercy has been bugging me to review this one for a while. Maybe I'll get around to doing that sometime.

Afterthought: Clearly, my iPod wasn't plotting against me today. Thanks, old buddy, for not revealing my dorkitude...ahem by burying Lisa Loeb.


Mona said...

Your first song/write-up made my heart smile. I love a sentimental girl :)

Sufjan is so hot. I wish I didn't know what he looked like cuz I hope that doesn't affect my interest in his music :)

Don't know that Cat song, gonna have to check it out.

ps- Lisa Loeb is awesome. Don't ever apologize for that. She should, however, apologize for her gayass short-lived reality TV show.

Thecranewife said...

Sufjan is is pretty darn cute. I was worried too, for, as I have learned time and again, witty and tender songwriting skills does not eye candy make.

Brasilliant said...

Wow. Sufjan is hot. I usually never bother to look.

Mona said...

Ever hear his song "To Be Alone With You" ? I thought it was just this pretty, romantic love song, but then I read somewhere it's really about finding Jesus or something. I hate when that happens.

Brasilliant said...

Mona, I hadn't heard "To Be Alone with You," so I went to the mighty YouTube. Then I searched for the lyrics and found some crazy run of postings where people analyzed the hell out of it...Jesus, Romans, blah blah blah. It was a lot prettier before I knew ha ha.

sandenuts said...

Cat Stevens! Get outta here! So jealous right now...