November 9, 2008

The Cranewife's Ipod Autumn Shuffle Surprise

Badly Drawn Boy- A Minor Incident
Anything from the About A Boy soundtrack reminds of the day I graduated from college. Insanely hungover and just generally over it, ancientindianwizard and I got Tacos Moreno and watched this movie. It was the best part of the day hands down.

The Murder City Devils- Idle Hands
"Sat down to write her a letter/but I wrote this song instead." I wish I did things like that.

New Order- Blue Monday
While not my favorite New Order song, this track provides 7 and a half minutes of dance/walkable poppy rhythm.

Turbonegro-Boys From Nowhere
Who besides Turbonegro could create a song about how they're going to continue to rock superhard, even after the world's over? "Scarier than fear/but that's alright."

Old Canes- Face It
From "Early Morning Hymns," an album destined for my end of the year list. This song is, as far as I can tell, about someone who drinks too much and who is possibly being cheated on. But with a real upbeat tempo.

Everything on my ipod is music I either walk or fall asleep to, so it doesn't really represent the wide variety of music to which I listen. This list, however, provides a pretty honest look into what is being pumped into my ears when I boogie on down to the bus stop every day.


Mona said...

While we're on the topic... what is your favorite New Order song then?

Thecranewife said...

Hmmm.... Well I would say Ceremony, but that's technically a Joy Division song. So, if we're being technical then it would be Temptation.


Nightrain said...

Oh man, "Idle Hands"? You obviously cheated!

I wish that was one of mine. I'm gonna go listen to that right NOW.

Thecranewife said...

What?! I totally did not cheat. My ipod and I just happen to have really good communication.

Mona said...

So hard, so hard. Growing up, it had to be "Bizarre Love Triangle" because it's arguably their best. "Ceremony" is definitely an interesting choice! But these days, it's "Age Of Consent" for me.

In college, it was "Regret" as well as the Get Up Kids cover of it. So good, love the video too.