July 31, 2010

Top 5 Portugal. The Man Songs

This list is for a friend who, although she reads this blog, has never listened to Portugal. The Man.

While I had heard a couple Portugal. The Man songs before The Satanic Satanist, that album made me a fan. I liked it so much, I was sure I was going to be disappointed by American Ghetto. I was wrong; it's just as awesome. I could have chosen 5 songs from either of those albums.

5. "Lay Me Back Down" (Censored Colors)
This is the sole representative from their earlier, wilder and darker sound. Like two songs pasted together, psychedelic visions and hard metallic riffs are juxtaposed against a light and bouncy piano.

4. "60 Years" (American Ghetto)
The song drifts in a funky haze until it is lifted out of the sludge by the sweet and lilting chorus.

3. "Do You" (The Satanic Satanist)
A perfect merging of fuzzed-out classic rock riffs and soulful, imploring vocals. So good.

2. "The Dead Dog" (American Ghetto)
Funky electronic swirls surround dark musings on America's economic divisions. It makes bottoming out sound bad ass.

1. "People Say" (The Satanic Satanist)
A couple sweet guitar lines and a great sing along chorus raise what could be a dour meditation on war and loss into a killer lead single and what should be a future rock anthem.


Nightrain said...

The video for "The Sun" is pretty great too... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZS7-y45Vsc

awmercy said...

Very cool.

I still can't believe that they never made a video for "People Say".

Mona said...

Demoted! I love how I've gone from East Coast QuickCrit representation/staff writer... to "anonymous friend" because of my failure to have listened to any P.TM songs.

This post rocks! I'll tell you which ones I like the most (if any) after listening to each of them a suitable amount of times. Thanks for hosting the musical intervention. It's nice to know people care :)

Mona said...

ps - loving the new "top 5 list" category. I hope this encourages many more in this vein!

Nightrain said...

Emmet is gonna be a Hobo Sheep for Halloweek... just like in the video.

Mona said...

Is this band a grower? Cuz it's taking me a little while to latch onto their essence. Hmmm... is it me?

5) I love the piano licks here. In my list I'd make this #4 and make "60 years" #5, hah.
4) This one's a tad psych rock hazy for me, hmm. But the chorus is the highlight of the song.
3) It bothers me that the lead singer has nicer, prettier eyelashes than I do without mascara (esp. "Do You" video). I actually kinda dig this song.
2) I like "Dead Dog"'s chorus alot. "Swirls" = great way to describe the music, for sure.
1) Definitely the best one on the list. I like his vocals best here.

They sound sorta like another band I recall, but I absolutely cannot put my finger on which one. But which one!?

awmercy said...

Well, now at least you have listened to them.

Mona said...

HAHA! Well, I'm starting to think this was less "public service" and more awmercy's excuse to gush about all things P.TM. It just really bugs me I can't narrow down who they remind me of. What band(s) would you compare them to if you were selling them to someone who hadn't heard them?

awmercy said...

We may have to extend/redo this list after the new album. I have a feeling it is going to amazing.

Nightrain said...

It may be time to update this list.

awmercy said...

Okay, but which song off the new album should make the list? Tough call. I think I am leaning towards "Got It All."

Anonymous said...

the singer sounds exactly like Craig Owens (formerly of Chiodos) but without the screaming parts

Anonymous said...

Sleep forever is a great song...I could wake up and go to sleep listening that song any day of the year.


Sarah said...

Is it just me, or does the guy's voice (especially in #2) sound like the guy from Electric Guest?

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