March 6, 2020

Jesse's Winter Favorites

Algiers - There Is No Year
The soul punk album you need right now. And they're coming to Portland this month!

Eyelids - The Accidental Falls
Top to bottom, their best collection of songs to date. A great album of PDX paisley indie pop.

En Attendant Ana - Juillet
Fantastic indie pop. Fans of Heavenly and Sarah Records need to check them out.

KaiL Baxley - Beneath The Bones
A delicious mix of soul, blues and Americana.

The Orielles - Disco Volador
Taking their experimental pop collages to new heights. Playing Portland the same night as Algiers! WTF! Saturday, March 28 @ Bunk Bar

January 15, 2020

2019 Survey Results - Top 12 Albums

1. Lizzo - Cuz I Love You (10 votes)
“Hard not sing along with these bangers in the car, even if I look completely ridiculous.”
“Don't know how many times I've said "blame it on my juice" as an excuse this year. On heavy rotation every time we drive anywhere.”
“Proof that I live in my isolated cave of hate/despair is that I'd never heard of Lizzo before 2 weeks ago. I gave her a listen and GODDAMN, I shook my tiny anemic white boy ass until it was sore.”
“Big woman, big power, big personality. The best concert-going experience I had all year!”

2. Orville Peck - Pony (10 votes)
“Best video of 2019!!!”
“Hooked with the Hope to Die video. Love the combination of Roy Orbison and laconic shoegaze, or something.”
“This makes me want to drink whiskey” - Joline
“I was hooked the first moment he started singing on the first track of the album. Unforgettable and haunting vocals. I can definitely get behind an artist described by the NY times as a ‘masked gay country star.’”
“An answer to the extremely important question, ‘What would happen if Morrissey was outlaw country?’”
“A welcome discovery. This bastard son of Elvis makes me want to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beneath the full David Lynch moon.”

3. Lana del Ray - Norman Fucking Rockwell (7 votes)
“I look forward to listening to the Doin' Time cover on repeat at BBQs next summer!”

“In 2010 I got black out drunk at a house party and told some poor girl who put her on that listening to Lana del Rey was "NOT cool". And now a decade later she's in my top 10 so I would like to formally admit I was very wrong about that. She's really cool, this album is really cool, the lyrics are lush and surprising after many listens and they (almost) make me want to move back to LA.”
“Banal. Catchy. Shallow. Earwormy. Possibly plagiarized. Good enough to play at a party. Here's a poem based on LDR's lyrics: Push up bra at the farm. Pink ladies a dozen soaked til dawn. Cocaine sunflowers makin baby hot. I can be your back room kit kat don't stop. Let's ride this wave hanging ten. California but near Wilbur's pen. Cider's sweet I said to him. We danced all night, summersend.”

4. Jenny Lewis - On the Line (6 votes)
“The best Jenny Lewis album since the Rilo Kiley days!”
“The production on this album is so good.”
“I love when I really like the song on the album that has the same name as the album... this is to say I really like the song "On The Line" (along with all the other ones).”

5. Kishi Bashi - Omoiyari (6 votes)
“Love at first listen.”
“I listened to ‘F Delano’ a ton this year. I recommend you do the same!”
“Listening to this album filled my mind with so much imagery. Let's all be more pro orchestral arrangements.”

6. Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride (6 votes)
“Exhausting at times, but full of inventive sounds. A tighter single-disc album exists here, but it's tough to complain about so much new Vampire Weekend music. Also, the opening of Harmony Hall is my favorite piece of music for 2019.”

“Mmm, Harmony Hall”
“Thought this album came out ten years ago? Its still good.”
“‘Unbearably white’ is a song and also kind of how I felt after Spotify told me that all of my top 5 most listened to songs this year were off this album. But is an extremely listenable album! Everyone from my dad to my 1 year old likes it. I love that they decided to be a jam band on this album, and I don't like jam bands!”

7. Andrew Bird - My Finest Work Yet (5 votes)

8. Ages and Ages - Me You They We (4 votes)

9. Cool Original - I Never Said I Didn't Care (4 votes)
"A band named after Doritos shouldn't be this good. I love the mix of emotions."

10. Layperson - The Divide (4 votes)
“Oh man. So beautiful. Reminds me of the Pernice Brothers in the best way.”

“The is the type of music that I would listen to” - Joline

“This album was one I didn't know I was missing. Thanks to whoever added this!”

11. Strand of Oaks - Eraserland (4 votes)
“This album felt more relaxed that previous Strand Of Oaks stuff. The first time I heard "Weird Ways" I was floored.”

12. Westkust - Westkust (4 votes)
“Like a harder, but still just as catchy, Swedish Alvvays.”

“Sweden!!! I love the song ‘Daylight’”

2019 Survey Results - Top Albums 13 to 26

13. Alcest - Spiritual Instinct (3 votes)
“The band that introduced me to blackgaze and is still my favorite. More than delivered on my high expectations.”

14. Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (3 votes)
“How does an 18 year old produce music like this????”

15. Brittany Howard - Jaime (3 votes)

16. Charly Bliss - Young Enough (3 votes)
“I truly can't get enough of this album - "Hurt Me" into "Hard to Believe" is a fantastic one-two punch.”

“I feel like this album was written for a much younger person than I but I'm happy to sing along to it. "Capacity" is amazing.”

17. Earth - Full Upon Her Burning Lips (3 votes)
“That tone...this is what guitars are supposed to sound like.”
“Is the an opposite to petrichor? Like a scent that comes after a long storm that forebodes of impending aridness, blistering hot wind and baked, cracked earth? The smell would accompany this band everywhere it went.”

18. James Blake - Assume Form (3 votes)

19. MIKE - Tears of Joy (3 votes)

20. Paul Cauthen - Room 41 (3 votes)

21. Pernice Brothers - Spread The Feeling (3 votes)
“Their strongest album in years. Always beautiful and insightful.”

22. Sturgill Simpson - Sound & Fury (3 votes)
“Oh shit. Ignored this release when I read the concept, but became a believer after watching the movie on Netflix. Now it is my go to road music. Pump that up and every ride is downhill.”

23. Taylor Swift - Lover (3 votes)
“I can't help it. I apparently love Taylor Swift and would gladly join her fan club.”

“‘Lover’ - The title track is a tremendous pop song, but there's plenty else on here to keep me coming back.”
“I don't know you guys, she's just good at what she does.”

24. Teskey Brothers - Run Home Slow (3 votes)
“Whoa. These blue-eyed Australians soul singers sound like they came straight of Muscle Shoals.”

25. The Head and the Heart - Living Mirage (3 votes)
“No hipster cred awarded, but damn this is a fun album that makes me smile.”

26. Yola - Walk Through the Fire (3 votes)
“Dusty In Memphis's influenced many, but few have Yola's chops. And some of her lyrics just slay me.”