February 27, 2021

Jesse's Winter Favorites

So I decided that 2021 officially started in February. 2020 can have January. New music is rolling out and it feels good. Now we all need to get vaccinated so we can hug and go to shows together again. 

Genders - "The World Fades Away"

I couldn't be more excited by the return of the Genders. With Sunbathe killing it in the meantime, maybe Genders is the side project now. Regardless, based on this single, the album is going to be amazing.

Kiwi Jr. - "Undecided Voters"

Cooler Returns is my first 2021 album on heavy rotation. Their lo-fi power pop is hitting the right notes for me right now.

The Quiet Ceased - "Gotta Move"

I've listened to this EP a lot more than I've actually hung out with my friend Eli. Luckily, it's really good and sounds like him and his world weary musings, just now accompanied by his beautiful and intricate guitar playing. 

The Bones of J.R. Jones - "Stay Wild"

A new song by a longtime favorite with some beautiful slide guitar. 

Wonderhorse - "Deleted Scenes"

When I finally got around to digging into the 2020 PDX Pop compilation, I discovered a familiar voice in a great new band. It adds an alt. country wash onto the lo-fi pop and everyday observations of LANDLINES or Alternative Milks.

POSTDATA - "Nobody Knows"

So my brother Eric definitely recommended Wintersleep to me back in 2016. Not sure if it didn't resonate at the time or if I never followed through, but I love frontman Paul Murphy's new solo album and now have a whole back catalog to explore. 

Corvair - "Oceanside"

I fun mix of male-female harmonies, catchy guitar and keyboard riffs, and self-described "arena rock sex jams,"which is an intriguing Bandcamp tag I hope catches on.

Lord Huron - "Not Dead Yet"

A family favorite delivers another cozy blanket of a song.