February 1, 2017

Tex's Favorite Albums from 2016

1. Polica - United Crushers  
Great spaced-out electronic pop that sizzles in all the right place.
2. Flock of Dimes - If You See Me, Say Yes           

New project from Jenn Wasner, the voice of Wye Oak.  She could literally screech into a hole in the ground and I would love it.  Catchy, creative and bold album.

3. Midnight Faces - Heavenly Bodies     

Their website describes their sound as something like futuristic outlaw hot rodder music.  The album paints a very pretty picture in this vein.           

4. Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid       
A great personal regret for 2016 is and will be missing this show when Aesop Rock came through town.  This one may be his best yet.

5. Caveman - Otero War             
Pitchfork gave this album a pretty bad review, saying that Caveman is about 10 years behind the times.  Pitchfork can go fuck itself.  This album is great.          
6. Wild Nothing - Life of Pause  

I've been half listening to this band for years, but from the first moments of this album, it had me on the hook.   

7. Blood Orange - Freetown Sound         

This album is the perfect snapshot of life in America in 2016.  Topical, moving, and just bursting with talent.         

8. The Avalanches - Wildflower

I'll be unpacking this album for all of 2017 too.  Dense with carefully curated samples and something like 14 years in the making.       

9. Niki and the Dove -Everybody's Heart is Broken Now

Equal parts nostalgic and fresh sounding, with a dynamic range of styles.              

10. Sulk - No Illusions   

My obligatory reverb-y rock album of the year.  Solid and polished.  Almost too polished, actually, but it works.   


Rain Hiawatha Kernytsky said...

Magic. I don't know a single one of these artists...

Way to go deep, buddy.

Rain Hiawatha Kernytsky said...

Also, kudos for that Caveman review.

awmercy said...

Loving the Midnight Faces.

Tex said...

That makes sense! They reminded me a lot of War on Drugs if you're familiar with them....