July 9, 2010

NightraiN's Shummer Short List

5. Folk Rooted Rock. Nothing new here, but the wave of artists seems to be getting bigger and more impressive. I'll take it all while it lasts.

4. Vuvuzelas... and other World Cup related "music". I am not a fan of R.Kelly, but I like that he likes soccer. In other news, vuvuzelas are a seriously underrated instrument. Yes, instrument. They are like kazoos on steroids, and we all know how much Americans like things on steroids.

3. Portugal. The Man. A band heading in only one direction: Up. So good for all moods and activities... and spot on with their music video costumes.

2. Low-Budget, High-Definition Music Videos. Honestly, the quality to cost ratio of modern music video technology is crazy. You can make an exceptional quality video and have it released to the world in a matter of minutes, at practically no cost to you. I could make an HD video of grass growing, put some semi-listenable music over it and people would watch it. Why a band would release music without having an HD video on YouTube is beyond me.

1. Disliking everything GaGa. I'm not going to sit up here in my ivory tower with plush, high-horse couches and say "Ya'll are acting ridiculous!" with all this love and obsession for the man that is Lady GaGa; however, ya'll are acting super ridiculous.


Amanda said...

Mumford and Sons! Can't believe I forgot to include them. LOVE THOSE GUYS!

awmercy said...

So what's your final playlist of World Cup related songs? R.Kelly, Weezer...

Nightrain said...

Good question... the Top Five inside my Top Five:

5. Shakira - "Waka Waka"

4. Weezer - "Represent"

3. K'Naan - "Wavin' Flag"

2. Dizzee Rascal featuring James Corden - "Shout for England" ... a rework of Tears for Fears' "Shout"

1. Jetzt Basta - "Gimme Hope Joachim" (Obviously)

Runners Up:

R. Kelly - "Sign of Victory"

Robbie Williams, Russell Brand, Frank Skinner & Daniel Baddiel - "Three Lions 2010"

Pitbull featuring TKZee and Dario G, - "Game On"

J Pre, Wyclef Jean and Jazmine Sullivan - "Ke Nako"

Akon featuring Keri Hilson - "Oh Africa"

Nneka - "Viva Africa"

Angelique Kidjo featuring Bono and John Legend - "Move on Up"

awmercy said...

Wow. That is truly and impressive list. Time for me to hit up YouTube.

Nightrain said...

Is it strange to anyone else how similar in concept the Mumford & Sons' video is to Local Natives' video for "World News"?

Josh B. said...

Jesus and Lady GaGa love you Eric.

Thecranewife said...

5. I'll have to check them out.
4. For real.
3. Again, I'll be having a listen.
2. Good point.
1. For super real. Note to Gaga: someone has already done this. Her name is Madonna. She did it better.

Mona said...

Is Gaga really a hermaphrodite? I admit, people need to leave her alone about that. It's the least of her utterly annoying qualities and music crimes!

Nightrain said...

If looking like a man and acting like an over-the-top, shameless, burlesque dancer floozie makes you a hermaphrodite...

...then "Yes."

Leave her alone? I thought you were the one who used the line "call a spade a spade."


Mona said...

Muhahaha, thanks for the e-bitchslap, NT. I will NOT abide because there's looking mannish and then there's actually having mannish "thingies," as the hermaphrodite rumors and certain past interviews/youtube videos (frozen at specific marks) contend she does, in fact, have boy/girl parts. I thought that's what you were referring to.

I just didn't want to rush the hermaphrodite call until she was, in fact, one. And if she is, whatever. She's still annoying as hell for other reasons and you've got one more friend on Team Gag.

Can I get off my soapbox now? haha