January 4, 2010

Ash - The A - Z Series

I like all the innovative approaches bands are taking to stay relevant and fiscally solvent in, and sometimes really take advantage of, the new musical landscape. Ash seems to be looking past the album, for now anyway, by releasing a series of 26 digital downloads. People can either subscribe or buy the tracks individually. And they seem to be having some success with it, given that all the vinyl subscriptions are sold out and they are only up to G. So far I like "Joy Kicks Darkness" and "Arcadia" the best. I don't think I'd mind if all my favorite bands moved towards this format.


Josh B. said...

I agree, I think the days of quality over quantity are in full effect. However to all the bands that can put together a solid 1-15, keep it going! Kings Of Leon can kick Charmer to the curb tho ;-)

Nightrain said...

Ash probably has the most advanced "social networking" focused band site I have ever seen. And their music doesn't suck at all.

I wonder what their income looks like.

awmercy said...

If you are interested, I might be able to set up an email interview for you.

awmercy said...

Yeah, I guess you sort of expect the networking push from up and coming bands more than established bands like Ash.

awmercy said...

In case you are interested:

Ash is partnering with Livestream to broadcast a live concert and Q&A with questions submitted by fans in real time.

Wednesday, February 3rd
3pm EST / 12noon PST

Tune in to watch Ash perform live and then answer fan-powered questions from the live Facebook/Twitter feed.

You can watch the event on WWW.ASH-OFFICIAL.COM or WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ASH
(Make sure you're logged into Facebook or Twitter to chat with other fans and submit questions for the band to answer live.)