January 4, 2010

The Drums - Summertime! (2009)

I'm not sure how this got overlooked on our QuickCrit lists. The Drum's Summertime! EP is fantastically catchy and a perfect remedy to the gray winter blues. It's just six songs of casually melancholy retro pop with plenty of hand claps. What's not to like? The two standouts, "Saddest Summer" and "Let's Go Surfing" (mp3) set the tone somewhere between between foggy groggy Girls and the poppier Surfer Blood. They have a couple other great songs floating around, so I imagine we can expect an album in 2010. I can't wait.


Mona said...

Any word on when this record comes out?

awmercy said...

Just glancing at Amazon, it looks like it is only available for download here in the US, but you can get a hard copy if you are willing to spring for the import version.

I bet you can get the EP at their shows as well.