February 7, 2010

The Who @ Super Bowl XLIV

Who expert Kevin says: The kids are, well, old.

So “The ‘Orrible ‘Ooo” have now joined the ranks of Britney Spears, The Blues Brothers, and Chubby Checker by performing at this year’s Superbowl. And unlike most of those acts, over-rehearsed medleys don’t really work for a band like the Who. But given the fact that they’re in their mid 60’s, down to 2 members, and now, some incarnation of what Townshend once called, “The Who on Ice,” they still have some spirit and I’ll continue to watch Pete Townshend windmill until his arm flies off. Anyway if we still want to remember what a dangerous band they were for a good chunk of their career, look no further than this.


Brasilliant said...

It's a good thing there were all of those flashing lights to distract from the actual performance.

I thought the Super Bowl half time show was all about trying to catch a glimpse at an errant boob....not old dusty balls.

Nightrain said...

Kinda sad. Time to go young again.

awmercy said...

I thought they sounded alright musically. Daughtry's voice just doesn't have the range anymore.

With the Saints playing, they should've got Lil Wayne. But I am not sure that the NFL is ready for that.

kstrait35 said...

it seems pretty apparent that most people hated the show---erin in particular :) i saw it again and i don't think i'm being overly charitable in stating that they still play better than alot of rock acts. however, they haven't really been The Who for decades now and i guess the call of money is too great to pass up gigs they have no business playing. oh well, at least it wasn't Nickelback...btw, did you say Daughtry on purpose?--LOL

awmercy said...

Ha! Just wrote it fast and didn't even bother to read it after I wrote it. Quality journalism.

For the record, I didn't hate it. I love the Who. However, I sick of seeing safe baby boomer acts perform.