January 21, 2010

Slabtown's Bender 2010 - February 5-7

Ah yeah! Another year, another Portland garage rock festival. Slabtown will be my ground central February 5th-7th. I'm amped to see Ty Segall, Pure Country Gold, Thee Headliners, Mean Jeans, King Louie and Pierced Arrows. I don't know many of the other bands, but I imagine I'll find a couple more that I love. Plus I still have time to do some research.

I'm buying my wristband now.


Nightrain said...

I'll buy my ticket up.

awmercy said...

Sunday should be particularly good, with Pierced Arrows, Pure Country Gold, and Mean Jeans playing that night.

awmercy said...

Here's a great write-up of a couple of the bands. Add Greg Ashley, Dirty Cupcakes, and the Girls to the must see list.