November 13, 2008

The Features - Some Kind Of Salvation (2008)

After a brief and forgettable introduction, the Features launch into the powerful and thumping "The Drawing Board". With horns blaring and piano banging, it's a full and exuberant sound. The rest of the album is filled with similarly anthem ready rock 'n roll. It builds and climaxes with crashing drums and hammered chords, working in a little soul into its charging garage rock. "The Temporary Blues" kicks of with a nervous strum that promises to explode and then it does, with plenty of bashing and a mess of hey's. "Wooden Heart" follows, cribbing an intro from STAX songbook to great effect. The band is tight and the highlights are worth playing over and over. They slip in some mellower tracks into the mix, making the peaks seem even higher. Sometimes you may just want to rock and have a good time and in those situations this album could serve you well.


Anonymous said...

Man Jesse, I thought I was going to come back from Nashville with this great discovery (the drummer works at the coolest music store in town) but I come to find that you're already way ahead of me. I'm always a day late and a dollar short, or however it goes. I saw them live though -- great performance and energy but only a 47-minute set and no encore. That just doesn't cut it with me.

awmercy said...

I'm so jealous you got to see them live. I hope they come through Portland sometime soon.

awmercy said...

I am glad this album is being re-released. I hope it gets more attention this time. So good.