March 27, 2009

Top 5 Sam Roberts Songs

Tonight at Berbati's Pan, I finally get to see Sam Roberts, four years after I picked up We Were Born In A Flame and instantly became a huge fan. Although I like about 90% of his songs, I'll try and narrow it down to just my top 5.

"End Of The Empire"
"Start a little fire in your best attire / You can blame the gin for the mess you're in"

"The Gate"

The best song off my third favorite album. Still a tough choice.

"Where Have All the Good People Gone?"
This is one of those songs I find myself singing along a little louder than I intended, or than my wife appreciates, especially when I'm wearing headphones.

"Love At The End Of The World"
The title and lead song from his newest album and worthy of its status.

"Don't Walk Away Eileen"
Probably the first song of his I heard, and it is still my favorite.


Nightrain said...

Oooooh... good list. I'll comment with my Top 5 in just a bit.

awmercy said...

Dude. There were at least 8 other songs I could have easily put on this list.

Nightrain said...

Well, I'll add my 5 and then we'll have 10 total.

Nightrain said...

Top 5 Favorite Sam Roberts Songs, in no particular order:

"Brother Down"
"Bridge To Nowhere"
"Hard Road"
"Mystified, Heavy"
"Love At The End Of The World"

He has so many amazing songs, I am always shocked when people don't know 'em.

Mona said...

I looooove "Them Kids," I cannot wait to hear more now. Thanks for your lists, I shall check these out too. I'm almost sad that my life has been Sam Roberts-less up until tonight :/

BananaBoatJim said...

My Top 5 are:
1. Them Kids
2. Every Part of Me
3. Fixed To Ruin
4. A Stone Would Cry Out
5. The Canadian Dream
This is in no particular order.

Nightrain said...

Amazing. No list overlap.

That may be the ultimate indicator of what defines an exceptional band.

awmercy said...

Seriously. I think we just compiled a solid greatest hits compilation for him.

awmercy said...

Even two years later, I stand by these songs. I can't wait to hear the new album.

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