February 7, 2015

Album of the Month: Siskiyou - Nervous (January 2015)

Fans of Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, and perhaps other similarly situated indie rock bands of Canada, should find this recent release from Siskiyou right up their alley. Thirty-sixish days into the new year, this is my album of the year

The songs off Nervous are unique, sometimes catchy (hard not to sing along and nod to the ba ba ba bada's and woodblock knock of the opening track "Deserter"), sometimes ominous ("Babylonian Proclivities" sounds at times like it could be a lost track off of Pink Floyd's The Wall), but all of them quite good. Stand out tracks include the anthemic "Wasted Genius," the clap-along "Oval Window" and the uplifting "Imbecile Thoughts." We'll see where this stands at the end of the year, but for now, it is the record to beat in my opinion.

Other favorites from the first month of the year included:
  • Ryan Bingham's Fear and Saturday Night
  • Dan Mangan + Blacksmith's Club Meds
  • Hanni El Khatib's Moonlight


Nightrain said...

Any other favorites from January 2015?

awmercy said...

My top 5 for first 5 weeks are:

1. Sleater-Kinney - No Cities to Love
2. And And And - The Failure
3. Moon Duo - Shadow of the Sun
4. Divers - Hello Hello
5. A Place to Bury Strangers - Transfixiation

awmercy said...

I dig it. Agree with the comparison bands.

It's a much quieter selection than any of my top 5.

Nightrain said...


Quieter indeed.