September 6, 2008

Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro (2008)

Sam Sparro's newest U.S release is his self titled album Sam Sparro. The U.K. DJ has a very fresh and original groove. His dance jams are full of synthesizer, but at the same time are very harmonious, full of heart and soul. "Too Many Questions" is an awesome track that sort of reminds me of Jamiroquai*. "Black and Gold" is his promoted single which I am absolutely addicted to right now. The thing I like most about Sam Sparro is that he puts a new millennium twist on an 80's sound. The whole time I listen to the album I have visions of break dancing crews, The Warriors (the movie, not the basketball team, although Run TMC did start in the late 80s if I am not mistaken), and Thriller. A good example of what I mean is my favorite track "Sally". This song sounds like a lost Billy Ocean top ten smash. So if you like 80's dance music like MJ and Billy Ocean, you will love this album. Also, I highly recommend getting Sam Sparro in it's entirety as there isn't one bad song on the record, and there are some other solid tracks not mentioned in my review.

*Virtual Insanity was a killer video by the way


awmercy said...

Way to work in Run TMC! That was a sweet team.

Nightrain said...

Been listening to some of the recommended jams off this bad boy...

Very nice... real funky dance grooves and/or bedroom music. For sure Black and Gold could be a strip club song... not that I know what comprises a good strip club song.