September 2, 2008

The Upsidedown - Human Destination (2008)

How you feel about the Dandy Warhols will probably influence how you feel about the Upsidedown. Like the Dandies and Brian Jonestown Massacre they mostly play psychedelic garage rock indebted to Lou Reed and the sweeter side of shoegaze bands. Hushed guy-girl vocals float over alternating rock solid and tranquil grooves, rather than being submerged in waves of distortion. This is music for chilling out - it's low on hooks, but still gets you to nod along. For the most part they avoid tedious jams by reigning the songs in around 3 minutes and mixing in a couple of solid singles: "If You Are Hell Girl" is mostly a simple but catchy chorus and "Halo" chugs along with some sweet Nugget riffs.


Nightrain said...

Just started listening to some of these tracks... interesting.

I'll get back to you as I get my mind around this noise.