August 31, 2008

Steve Cropper & Felix Cavaliere - Nudge It Up A Notch (2008)

What’s up gang? It’s been a minute or two since I got it together and found my way down to the record store. But I found this gem and felt obliged to share it with yall’. Steve Cropper used to play guitar and write songs for Otis Redding, The Blues Brothers, and Jeff Beck. Also, he played with Booker T & the MGs for a long time, no big deal. He teamed up with Felix Cavaliere the singer for “The Young Rascals”, and needless to say, they cooked up some tasty R&B/Rock gumbo. They have a super soulful, light and breezy sound. The kind of sound where it would be impossible to be in a bad mood and listen to them jam. You could get rear ended in your car and be like, “It’s Okay! No insurance info necessary! I have Cropper and Cavaliere on the stereo!” Also, on a random note, I have no doubt that they would be the best wedding reception band of all time, ever. Tracks like, “One of Those Days” “To Make It Right” “Impossible” and “If I Wasn’t Lovin You” would bring the house down. “Full Moon Tonight” and “Without You” also rip. The only thing I don’t like is their name. It’s too long and complicated. If I were them I would change it to “Chicken and Waffles”. Quickcrit gang, your thoughts?


awmercy said...

I'm glad you reviewed this album. I'd been wondering about it. I love Stax Records and Steve Cropper played guitar on about every release (at least in the 60's). Now I'll have to check it out.

sandenuts said...

You won't be dissapointed man. If you liked Joe Bataan you'll be stoked on this.

Anonymous said...

This album is pure joy, you won't be disappointed. Rhythm and Soul at its best!