August 31, 2008

Audio Out Send - Sharpen The Hours (2008)

I've been casually following this Bay Area band for a while and have always enjoyed listening to their new material, but this is the first album that I've been able to get exited about - the music is more engaging and the songs are catchier. Overall, it sounds awesome. Like Grandaddy and Earlimart, they write hazy, laid back indie rock perfect for fog engulfed mornings. Songs cruise along, the vocals riding over the low level distortion and chugging rhythms. The tone is often dreamy and beautiful, with just enough noise to keep it interesting. Although mellow, it's hardly sleepy - the drums push forward, and songs build and threaten to rock out. "Calling On The Girl" is my favorite, but really most songs on album are worth a spin. A great album for heading into fall.


awmercy said...

Full disclosure: I went to university with these guys (although I haven't seen any of them in years) and a very close friend designed the album art.

Mona said...

"I went to University with these guys..." that sounds so British... looks like someone's coming down with a case of the "Madonna's"

Side note: that's pretty cool. I like the album name.

Mona said...

...hey, like Earlimart? Thoughts on "Hymn and Her" ???