January 13, 2021

Josh's End of 2020 List

Kaelin Ellis - After Thoughts (Spotify)

Sango - Da Rochinha 4 (Spotify)

Andrew Wasylyk - Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolidation (Spotify)

Letherette - Mander House, Vol. 2 (Spotify)

Alf Alpha - Arboelda (Spotify)

Khruangbin - Mordechai (Spotify)

Cut Copy - Freeze Melt (Spotify)

Machine Drum - View of You (Spotify)

Vinyl Williams - Azure (Spotify)

Freddie Gibbs - Alfredo (Spotify)

Aesop Rock - Sprit World Field Guide (Spotify)

Caribou - Suddenly (Spotify)

Desmond Cheese - Live Near Amsterdam (Spotify)


Ben molin said...

That Aesop Rock album is really good.