January 5, 2010

The Drums - "I Felt Stupid" Video

Speaking of songs not on the EP, here's the Drums' new video for "I Felt Stupid", which reveals these guys' Phoenix-like love of 80's pop.


Mona said...

Speaking of overlooked EP's, do you have thoughts on the Spoon one from 2009?

Ps- Thanks for this post. I really like [the guitars in] this song. It fits my daily mood!

awmercy said...

I like "Got Nuffin", but it felt move like a single than an EP. I know it had three songs, but neither "Tweakers" or "Stroke Their Brains" got me that excited. "Tweakers" especially felt incomplete. How about you?

Mona said...

Totally agree. I don't know why well-established bands still put out EP's, "Got Nuffin" could've been a great bonus track on a deluxe edition/B-side or something. But I will always love it because it's officially the song that finally got me into Spoon.

As for The Drums, I can't stop listening to this song. Don't know if you knew, but they're on tour with your other fav. Surfer Blood and play NYC next week. Didn't see a PDX date though, oddly.