July 8, 2010

Ashley's Summer Short List

Since some of us are slacking on our lists (including me), my friend Ashley stepped up with one of her own:

Sleigh Bells - Treats: NPR’s Bob Boilen posed a question recently about the value of opening tracks and referenced both “Rocks Off” by the Rolling Stones and “Tell ‘em” by Sleigh Bells, which lead me to listen to Treats. I can’t stop. “Rill Rill” would be wearing thinnest if this were a cassette.

Tiny Desk Concerts: A friend of mine actually worked in the DC office for a while, and sat a few feet away from the space in which these are filmed. If only awesome musicians would stop by my desk and play acoustic concerts every now and then. I think my desk-envy was at its height when Phoenix played in May. Related tangent: I’m pretty excited to see the new Sofia Coppola film, Somewhere (and hear the soundtrack).

Thao Nguyen and Mirah with The Most of All @ Music Hall of Williamsburg: Thao Nguyen continues to be tops with me. We saw her play at the Knitting Factory when her first album came out, and at the larger Bowery Ballroom when she toured for her last—both with The Get Down Stay Down. This past month, she came to Williamsburg and performed with Mirah—a new collaboration. As ever, Thao’s energy is infectious and it would be hard not to dance along.

She & Him - Volume 2: I would have liked to have included the parenthetical “(show at Governor’s Island, Fourth of July),” but we decided not to brave the 2-hour line for the ferry. Full sun, 90 degrees, fireworks, yada yada. The album alone still makes a list for favorite things in the past six months. A girl crush on Zooey didn’t bias me. (Did it?)

Andrew Bird: Not new, but I’m still pretty in love with Noble Beast, especially “Masterswarm.” I’ve been returning to “Fake Palindromes” lately to get me started on my walk to work. Another missed concert opportunity to mourn: he’s creating a “Sonic Arboretum” at the Guggenheim in August and we’re out of town.


Amanda said...

I went to Governor's Island with friends to see She & Him. While the "beach" (imported sand, fake plastic palms, no swimming, and the ONLY BAR on the island, blerg) filled up long before we got there in the late afternoon, reading magazines on blankets in the shade near the stage wasn't half bad. Our best view of the stage was actually from the ferry as we waited to head back to Manhattan. They sounded really good, really big, and just like the albums. :)

Ashley said...

Sad I missed out on the good sounds, but definitely not sad about Water Taxi Beach. Your shady afternoon sounds much better.

By the way, I regret not adding (after reading the archived debate about Bird's shows) that I caught Andrew Bird at Radio City Music Hall last year and he was amazing. Being reminded of how he creates each sound--that whistling!--made me enjoy the album more after. He clearly loved playing that space, too.

awmercy said...

Thao Nguyen has been on my to see list for too long. I need to get on that.

Mona said...

Thanks for the Tiny Desk concert nod. I'll be occupying myself with those for a while now!