November 9, 2008

Nightrain's Fall Shuffle

Guns N' Roses - "Think About You"
Its not too surprising that GNR would come up in this little mix, because the odds (GNR songs to total songs) are in their favor. I think Appetite For Destruction was the first cassette that I ever purchased, and my life has never been the same since. This song in particular doesn't blow me out of the water, but reflecting on the album as a whole--a debut scraped out of the gutters of Hollywood and is comprised of such amazing music--still amazes me.

The Vines - "Sunshinin'"
The Vines go trippy on this short little track. I like the song, but overall The Vines have never really ascended through the gallimaufry of bands that have a similar sound. Anyway...

The Donnas - "I Don't Care (So There)"
I always wonder how "badass" The Donnas really are. They undoubtedly write good pop-punk songs, but do they really not care as much as they say they don't care? I dunno, and personally I don't care because they are a quartet of smokin' hot bitches (and I mean that in and endearing, sexy way) who play rock and roll. The kind of rock and roll that effects you deep down in your pants.

Neko Case - "Knock Loud"

Speaking of smokin' hot, Neko Case is on my very short list of women who
simply all-around rule. This is the live version off the Live From Austin TX album. Her live tracks are quite excellent, as are her live performances, but the live performances have the upperhand because there is a pleasant visual to go with her radiant voice.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - "Overture" from The Nutcracker Ballet
What a fantastic overture... I'm not even going to pretend to know what I'm talking about, but I must say Tchaikovsky is on of my favorites of all time... certainly better than Radiohead.

Afterthought: I'm too tired to write an afterthought at the moment... when was the last time you played 5 basketball games in one day?


Brasilliant said...

I have to agree, the Nutcracker has a fantastic overture. That's probably one of the most random songs we have encountered so far on our Fall Shuffle game.

Thecranewife said...

Gallimaufry? Future English teachers enjoy discovering new words!

Mona said...

Oh wow, the alternating pics are a great touch. Hmm, wish we all did that too.

Hey, is PJ Harvey on your short list of "all-around rule" women??? Who else is on there.

Nightrain said...

PJ Harvey? No, she did not make the cut.

As for the others, uh, that can be discussed at another juncture.

sandenuts said...

The Donnas comment made me spit Heineken beer out my nose, thanks for the burning sensation i now feel in my face.

Nightrain said...

Glad to be of service.