May 18, 2011

King Automatic - In The Blue Corner (2009)

What's up QCM? Thought I'd post about my new favorite band King Automatic. Jay Automatic is a one man band who plays garage blues and self-described "Primitive Big Band." In The Blue Corner is some of the best stuff I've heard in years, as "There is no Truth in the Night" has taken over my mind for the past three weeks at least. I normally hate novelty acts, as they are often all hype and no quality; however, King's songs are full of substance, filled with Jamaican rock-steady background vocals, and perfectly timed breakdowns. There is something intriguing and wonderfully off about his vocals. It reminds me of some sort of voodoo rockabilly guy playing piano at a French whorehouse. Or when you drive by a house with "1/2" in the street address, you sort of have to try and peak to see what happened. The guitar playing and piano are the biggest standouts, see "Things Are What They Are But Never What They Seem." The album is a testament to King Automatic's versatility, as one song will be a low-down, dark and bluesy ode to love-lost, and the next will be filled with up-tempo and catchy keyboarding like "Vague Information." Very strong album and worth a listen at least. Below is my favorite song's video. The actual song starts at the last 2 minutes and thirty seconds, as he opens with a 6 minute instrumental interlude... pretty rad.


awmercy said...

This guy sounds awesome. I'll have to check him it out.

sandenuts said...

Yeah man he rips. Also check out "King Takes Queen" which is an awesome jam that I did not mention in the post.

awmercy said...

I can't believe I missed this album. Great find.

I just realized I have heard one of his songs before on the Attack Of The One-Man Bands compilation. It's tough to find, but you might want to try and track it down. It's pretty damn good. I might have to revisit it and see what other great bands I overlooked.