May 9, 2011

The Kills - Blood Pressures (2011)

The Kills' status amongst Coachella regulars is a testament to their wide and lasting appeal, with their position in the lineup consistently rising in the three years they have performed. In their latest evolution, The Kills continue their characteristic vocal interplay with Mosshart leading and Hince supporting that has made them so appealing, balancing just the right amount of distortion and vocal coarseness to keep their sound rough around the edges. Blood Pressures has less frills, with riffs pared-down for powerful deliveries. The heavier sound is heard in the reggae strumming and low vocals of "Satellite". Though I hate it when my favorite track is the first because it always seems like I'm being set up to be disappointed, I have to say that "Future Starts Slow" is my favorite track with it's intense driving beat and piercing guitar. "DNA" particularly highlights Mosshart's seductive vocals, while "Heart is a beating drum" and "Nail in My Coffin" live up to their names. The second half of the album does not have the same energy, perhaps because it is hard to maintain the same intensity throughout, but the final track "Pots and Pans" provides an interesting close- transitioning into a repetitive but soothing trance.
The Kills - DNA - Blood Pressure - Free MP3 Link by smokincharliebrown


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Apoptosis said...

Was wondering when one of you were going to review this album. Can't wait to see them in a few hours, love the new songs!