November 9, 2008

awmercy's Fall Shuffle

Good Shoes – “Things To Make And Do”
With all the post punkish British indie coming out a couple years ago, these guys may have been over looked, or just weren’t that original. Either way, this is a decent song for the indie dance party.

Joey Ramone – “Venting (It’s A Different World Today)”
It’s just one big long bitchfest – an old man’s rant. Nice.

Charlotte Sometimes – “How I Could Just Kill A Man”
Not sure who this is - it came off a Magnet Magazine sampler - but the title makes a pretty sweet chorus for a pop song.

The Lost Sounds – “Bombs Over M.O.M.”
One of Jay Reatard’s old bands and one of the many Jay Reatard related songs clogging my iPod these days. It has a catchy retro keyboard riff plus a fun shouted/screamed chorus. I like his solo stuff better, but this song is pretty damn good.

Wanda Jackson – “It Happens Every Time”
A beautiful and reflective country ballad from the queen of rockabilly off a Sympathy for the Record Industry compilation. Way more classic country than the rest of the comp.

Afterthought: Phew. That could've been a lot worse.


Mona said...

Haha, what, no Kaiser Chiefs? ::ducks::

Is that Charlotte Sometimes song a nod to RageATM?

You're into "early" Jay Reatard pre-Jay Reatard?! You really do love that guy!

Mona said...

ps- Welcome to the " 'no more than one line' basically means 2-3 sentences tops" club. You can be vice president :)

Nightrain said...

Seriously, you're just making bands up.

ancientindianwizard said...

Nightrain speaks the truth

awmercy said...

Fact: Immediately after finishing this list I heard Dook Dook MacElroy's blue-eyed soul version of "Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)". Just beautiful.

sandenuts said...

Wanda Jackson?! Rad.