January 29, 2010

Friday Night Beer Pairing: Yuengling & Hamburg Ramönes

What was once a Ramones cover band broke off from the cliché copy-the-legends riff to write their own songs which emulate those classic New York and Brit rooted punk rock sounds, but with German accents. Can you get more punk rock (rhetorical question)? The Hamburg Ramönes track “Go Yuengling Go” slates the indispensable power-chords with a catchy, football (Euro) stadium chant that repeats the title which essentially roots for the almost exclusively east coast brewery and/or beer. I think there is something in there about the beer and perfect days and making one's life complete, but it don't matter... it's all awesome. It is what you would expect from a former Ramones cover band, yet it has a contemporary and original feel. If you branch off from this recommendation, their 2008 release Long Black Hair sounds straight out of 1978 with Ramones and Clash-like numbers that are wrapped up in tight packages and hit hard and fast. It is fair to say that tracks like “Rock’ N Roller Coaster” and “Long Black Hair” do the bands namesake justice, but also in their own right would stand up to what many would consider unmeasurable expectations.

As for the beverage, I remember the first time I had Yuengling beer. Spring break, Washington D.C., two thousand and somethin'-something. Many Yuenglings later I can honestly say that I am still a fan of the company that is recognized as America's Oldest Brewery and family owned for over 180 years, and look for it whenever I am east of the Mississippi, for nostalgia purposes. I was once at a Manhattan bar, on the upper east side and the bar featured a large Yuengling mirror which had all their beers on tap listed on it. Knowing what I already wanted I ordered what I expected to be a delicious Yuengling, to which the bar maid replied, "Sorry, we don't actually carry Yuengling." The joke was obviously on me. So, tonight, if you can get it, it's all Yuengling and Hamburg Ramönes. Hit it!


awmercy said...

Hell yeah!

Yuengling was my go to beer for the first few years after moving to DC.

It was eloquently paired with Gun's n' Roses' Appetite for Destruction at the first Thanksgiving I ever cooked for myself.

Of course, the $2 pints when it pours happy hours fueled that summer's romance and look where that got me.

Nightrain said...


awmercy said...

I love that this pairing is still one of our most popular posts.

Nightrain said...

Wacky... and a little bit sad in a way.

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