December 8, 2010

Casiokids - "En Vill Hest"

I'm the farthest thing from a morning person. In fact, my stubborn refusal to ever become a coffee drinker only makes things that much more difficult and grueling sometimes. Perhaps the one thing I don't mind is kicky music for when I crawl out of bed and need help getting through my morning routine with minimal mooditude. Fuck campy morning TV shows, enter Norwegian electro-pop wizards Casiokids with their vintage beats, cheery falsetto vocals, Afro-funky indie pop jams and indecipherable lyrics. Oh yeah, wait, they don't sing in English, so don't even bother trying to sing along. Their tunes straddle the fine line between absurd and adorable, almost like Vampire Weekend hooked up with Boy Eats Drum Machine on uppers while forming a conga line, drawing crowds, getting their dance on, slapping hands and kissing babies during a ticker tape parade through the streets of South Africa. And for QuickCrit's lazier readership, Casiokids is danceable enough to make even mundane tasks like brushing one's teeth that much easier. Half the time, I just stand in front of my bathroom mirror and don't even have to move my hands from side to side... I simply place the brush in my mouth and the music inspires dance moves that kind of do the job for me. Brilliant! These guys give me good vibrations when I need it most and just enough of a decaffeinated jolt to start my day right, with or without the 7 a.m. one-woman conga action.