December 7, 2010

Danny Echo - Rock Bottoms Up (2010)

Danny Echo are back (in black), having dropped most of the Oasis influence in favor of AC/DC with some serious hair metal attitude. They sound like a band out to have a good time and ROCK in a way that seems almost anachronistic. You can practically hear them strut across the stage on "Right Place Right Time". While there are still plenty of bands making rock n' roll, Danny Echo sound more suited for the stadium than the garage. It's a fun album, packed with hooks and fist pumping sing-along choruses. In particular, I like the wiry guitar riffs and propulsive smash of rock drums on "Powder Your Nose" and the addition of horns on "Things I Never Had". The mix of snarl and sass on "Better You Than Me" reminds me of Mötley Crüe. They've also included "Tomorrow Today" from their self-titled debut, which still reminds me a of (What's The Story) Morning Glory? B-side. Here's the newly released video:


Mona said...

Intriguing... but do they have a song that sounds remotely similar to Ratt's "Round and Round?" I'm only a *little* embarrassed to admit it's way up there on my "Favorite Hair Metal Songs" list, haha.