February 2, 2009

Horse Feathers - House With No Home (2008)

Do you like hushed, wavering male folk singers? Because if you do, you need to check out Portland's Horse Feathers. The delicate vocals are backed by warm and supportive acoustic guitar, banjo, and cello. Justin Ringle's voice falls somewhere between Sam Beam and Justin Vernon. House With No Home feels sparse, as the musicians allow the music to breathe and the instruments to become quiet for a cappella sections. It's a really quiet album. I kept turning it up. The music almost seems reluctant to come out of the speakers. It's also quite beautiful and restrained. Check out the album art, it is perfectly matched to the music. My favorite tracks are "Working Poor" and "Helen".


Nightrain said...

Yes yes. Very Bon Iver. Very mellow.

Nightrain said...

"Heathen's Kiss" is my fave so far... a good mixture of acoustic guitar, strings and vocals con harmony.