December 19, 2008

Biggest Disappointments of 2008

There weren’t many. I guess it was a pretty good year for music. Oddly, some of our favorites were also some of our disappointments.

In no particular order.

My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges
“I keep trying to like this album and keep failing to do so.” –awmercy
"Z was so damn good, and this is so damn strange... disappointment is an understatement.” –Nightrain

Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue
“Everyone is entitled to make a lukewarm album, I guess...” -ve1cro
“While there are 3 or 4 good cuts on this record, most of it is boring and repetitive, borderline obnoxious, and that Elvis Costello guest spot is an embarrassment to them both.” -Tex

Mars Volta-The Bedlam In Goliath

TV on the Radio - Dear Science

The New Pornographers - Live
“Too perfect. I felt like I was listening to the album. What’s the sense. No Neko.” -Jennifer

The Hold Steady - Stay Positive
“Maybe they're the "best bar band in America" but even a not so great bar band can still be pretty enjoyable. What distinguished the two previous albums were the lyrics, and here the new album falls awfully short. "magazines and daddy issues" ... but what *about* the daddy issues. It's a cheap shorthand that goes nowhere. Maybe it's because I know Craig Finn better now, but the meanspiritedness which has always kind of been there feels on this album more like his than the characters'. Witness, "Sequestered in Memphis." Ugh.” -Jeremy

Dr. Dog – Fate
“Booo!“ -HotCatato

Larson Holgers
“I need to be more on the ball of reviewing albums and seeking out new music. Total New Year Resolution time.” -ancientindianwizard

Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
“I think it's time someone develops a drug problem or they part ways due to "creative differences." It sounds like a diss, but it's not. I'm only upset because I expect brilliance from them, so really, it's still a compliment laced in with a diss.” -Mona

R.E.M. - Accelerate
“WTF! Just generic and it kind of broke my heart. It wasn't bad. It was just bland.” -Rain

Kanye West- 808s & Heartbreak
“Actually, I haven't heard this, but trusted sources tell me it blows. I am disappointed, because I expected only greatness from the craziest man in the game.” -Thecranewife

The Breeders - Mountain Battles

The Fashion - The Fashion
“They kind of remind me of Mona's band The Sounds, only not as cool, and no boobs on the cover. I heard one of their tracks ‘Solo Impala’ and liked it, so I bought the album expecting a lot, and was sorely disappointed with only 3 songs worth listening to.” -sandenuts


Nightrain said...

I think AIW is already breaking his New Years resolution... someone help him out.

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