December 18, 2008

Favorite Singles From 2008

These are the Top 10 songs that rocked our worlds in 2008, even if they didn't come out this year. Stay tuned for more favorite singles from 2008!

Every effort has been made to find a suitable youtube clip for each song. Some songs were skipped because the embedded video was disabled by request (Lame!) or the live versions sucked too hard to do the song justice. My apologies to those songs.

  • M.I.A. - "Paper Planes"
    “This song makes me feel strong and radical. Sometimes I make little shooting gestures during the gun noises.” -Thecranewife

  • MGMT - "Kids"
    “Look, I realize this song came out a few years ago. But, I hadn't heard it until this year, so there. More than any other song I heard this year, this one really made me want to move and smile.” -Jeremiah
    “This song tickles my fancy... some of their other songs, not so much.” -Doctor Diggs

  • Herman D√ľne - "I Wish That I Could See You Soon"
    “They're dry and hilarious in a stiff, French duo sort of way. I can't get enough!” -Brasilliant
    “Their casual off hand phrasing kills me.” -awmercy

  • Hockey - "Too Fake"
    “TBD” -awmercy
    “Rod Stewart-ish vocals, and 80s dance grooves kept me warm through the long stretch of winter finals.” -Nightrain

  • Port O'Brien - "I Woke Up Today"
    “It's so damn catchy. I can't help myself.” -Brasilliant
    “I want to live my life forever as the man in yellow shirt.” -awmercy

  • Kings Of Leon - "Sex On Fire"/"Use Somebody"
    “Usually played consecutively on the juke box at The James Joyce, so they get the same vote.” - Doctor Diggs
    “Yup, my sex is on fire. It also feels like a long lost Bruce Springsteen song.” -ve1cro

  • Beyonce - "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"
    “Maybe I'm still hypnotized by the video, but this is a fantastic track. Perhaps even taking a page out of the Prince booklet with no discernible bass line. You gotta love atypical pop arrangements that still sound very poppy.” -Kevin

  • Chris Brown - "Forever" vs. Usher - "Love In This Club"
    “I couldn't decide, but both are awesome. In the club, in your whip, whether switching 4 lanes with or without the top down, they are classic summer anthems.” -Mona

  • Frightened Rabbit - "Head Rolls Off"
    “My ipod, work computer and home computer know this song by heart.” -ancientindianwizard

  • Frightened Rabbit - "The Modern Leper"
    “My favorite track off my favorite album of 2008. Powerfully good!” -Nightrain


    Mona said...

    I can't believe you put that retarded "muppet-like" music video in place of Usher. I also find it hysterical they chose the unedited version, complete with the "N" word. And no, I don't mean "Nickelback!" :)

    Brasilliant said...

    Maybe if Usher wern't so stingy and would let us embed his video then we wouldn't have to post his songs being played by a gorilla and a hick bear at Showbiz Pizza. Belive me, I tried.

    sandenuts said...

    So, was little kids in videos like all the rage in 08'? Somehow I didn't notice until they were all laid out next to each other. Weird.

    Mona said...

    I totally forgot Rihanna's "Please Don't Stop The Music." Apparently, everyone else did too. Best dance song of the year, hands down!