December 19, 2008

Favorite Concerts of 2008

These were our favorite concerts this year, in no particular order. Judging from the list, there were a couple people at the same amazing show.

Jenny Lewis @ The Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA
"The only concert i remember going to this year. it was actually just o.k.” -Alan

Portishead in Florence, Italy
“Need I say more?” -April

The Walkmen in Los Angeles, CA

Les Savy Fav & Dodos @ The Black Cat, Washington, DC
“A truly epic night that started out in a bar, moved to an art gallery with a DJ spinning chill Brazilian beats and handing out cheap wine, then to the Black Cat, where both bands nailed fantastic sets, and finally to the New Vegas Lounge to catch the last set of the funky soul house band and ensure our hangovers were massive.” -awmercy

Outside Lands Music Festival @ Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
“Lots of rad bands, I got to meet DBT and they signed my Jack Daniels shirt, and got to kick it with some good folks.” -Doctor Diggs

Ron Sexsmith @ Doug Fir, Portland, OR
“The attendance was low, so it felt like my own private concert. Ron Sexsmith is great live and played a set of my favorites.“ -Brasilliant

Port O'Brien @ Muddy Waters, Santa Barbara, CA
“Audience participation at its best.” -Ernesto

Colin Meloy at the Rio Theater, Santa Cruz, CA
“When you only go to one concert it's pretty easy to pick a favorite. This one would have been it anyways though. He's so rad.” -ancientindianwizard
“Solo, acoustic, glorious! His banter in between songs cannot even begin to be described without losing EVERYTHING... you should have been there!” -Rain
“At this point in the tour, Mr. Meloy seemed to have lost his mind a little. It made for a totally ruling evening.” -Thecranewife

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

Silver Jews in Nashville.
“Only a block or two from the hotel in which Berman tried to end his life a few years before; at show's end he hopped down from the stage and fully embraced the adoration coming from the crowd. Nice to see.” -Jeremy

Sigur Rós @ The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

Outside Lands Festival @ Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
“I cheated on this one...” -HotCatato

Fleet Foxes @ Webster Hall, New York City, NY
“Why can't all bands harmonize the way these cats do? Seeing them live is incredible enough to turn a nay-sayer into a newly crazed fan. Promise.” -Mona

Pela @ The Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA
“Massive energy! Massive sound! Cool people. This is what live music is all about.” -Nightrain

Los Campesinos @ The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
“Please refer to my summer short list.” -ve1cro

Tom Waits @ Le Grand Rex, Paris

TV on the Radio @ Treasure Island Music Festival, San Francisco
“Not a very competitive category for me this year, I saw far too little live music. The timing was great to see these guys though, as their new album was released 3 days later, and the excitement was palpable.” -Tex

The Merry Widows
“Didn't get out to many this year, but "The Merry Widows" were awesome. They are a all female psychobilly band with a 300 pound dominatrix lead singer. I have never been so scared and so turned on at the same time in my entire life, really hard to explain actually, you just have to see her in person. Check em out, she belts out a hell of a show, Black Widow is a killer song.” -sandenuts


Thecranewife said...

I love how much ROCKING is going on in all of these pictures.

anonymas said...
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