October 11, 2008

John Legend feat. Andre 3000 - Green Light [single] (2008)

Stylish, elegant, sexy, modern, hip, fresh, unique... these are all words I'd use to describe the inimitable John Legend. Being a longtime fan of his raspy voice and innumerable musical talents, I'm totally in love with "Green Light," the first single off his upcoming third studio release, Evolver. Teaming up with another unique voice in modern hip hop, Outkast's own Andre 3000, was a smart choice. While adding his hip hop musings, it sounds more like scatting than rap and always ups the creativity factor.

"Green Light" deals with the usual themes of eye candy, dancing, hitting "the club," wanting to get down, and finding a new woman worthy of sharing your last name... but this is John Legend, so he doesn't stop there. The music is like hip hop's equivalent of big-band style beats that are catchy, ultra danceable, different, and definitely better than most danceable hip hop music these days. But hey, I expect nothing less than innovative vision from a performer who selects "Legend" as his surname.

This track is cuter than a tired pick-up line! Legend brings the sexy, 3000 brings the quirk, and the lyrics are silly, creative, and hysterical. Where Legend remains sweet ("Do I have girlfriend... technically, no... will you be my girlfriend?, then I'll make it so...") and asks for the permission to get closer the entire song, Andre 3000 contrasts this by being cocky and brash ("I just want you woman, hey... if I were you then it would be me that I go home with"), damn persistent ("That's just what I'm telling you, should be in bed with you, like I've been in jail for two") and, well, funny ("Let's hop a cab, and split it... just kiddin! We both going to where you livin', ha!"). And the playing-hard-to-get female is always entertaining ("She said, what kind of girl do you think that I are? The kind that you meet in a bar? You think you can get whatever you want 'cause you some kinda star?"). Ahh, witty banter.

The sweet R&B crooner, the over-the-top and ridiculous rapper, and the unimpressed video vixen set to a fun and danceable beat is a formula that never gets old. Plus, the music video... it's like one of those awesome Bailey's commercials with extended shots of some glamorous party that you wish you were at. Nothing but good times.


awmercy said...

Damn, Mona, you are on a roll.

Mona said...

Dude, I keep getting so much great music thrown at me I simply have to share.

Are you gonna post your drafts?? I hope this e-peer pressures the rest of the QuickCrit lot to share their finds too! :)

awmercy said...

Yeah, I do have a couple drafts in the works don't I. Well, for the last few days I've mostly been going back over old box sets: 60's soul, 70's funk, doo wop, nuggets, and some group sounds. Reconnecting with some forgotten favorites.

Mona said...

Wow, someone's on a throwback kick.

awmercy said...

Hey, did you seen that John Legend is on tour with Raphael Saadiq?

Mona said...

Haha, oh wow, what are the odds? See, this is why we need to live in the same city. Then I could've asked you guys to come with! :)