May 13, 2008

Pop Levi - Never Never Love (2008)

Last year, Pop Levi's sugar assaulted glam rock was on heavy rotation on my headphones, so I was excited to see this one come out. He kicks things off with some electric glam boogie on "Wannamama", and again I'm hooked. This one's mellower and has more of a 80's influence than The Return To Form Black Magick Party. It's a little Bowie and a little Bolan, with a fresh twist of Chromeo. The album is full of weird processed vocals, electric hand claps, and sweet dance floor pop. I know it's not for everyone - the lyrics are generally simple and repetitive, some might say dumb - but these songs are meant for good times on glitter accommodating dance floors. Overall, the album is fun, but far from essential. Slip "Semi-Babe" or "Oh God (What Can I Do?)" onto your next party mix.