May 12, 2008

Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer (2008)

Wolf Parade is back with a solid album of indie rock and some seriously ugly album art. It's what you want in a follow up to an album you loved: a lot of good songs and a couple great songs which remind you why you liked them the last time. It takes a while to get going, but if you hang in there, you get the back to back awesomeness that is "California Dreamer" and "The Grey Estates". The former repurposes the Doors' hypnotic keyboards for a sprawling rocker. My only complaint is that the album never really let's loose. A couple songs almost catch fire, but never really explode. It'll probably be awesome live.


Nightrain said...

Yee-gags! That is some seriously hideous album art.

There has been some wicked-foul album art this past year that serves as the face of some really good music... and then there is the Throw Me The Statue artwork that is pure neked genius!