December 30, 2016

2016 Top 10 Portland Indie Rock EPs

1. Deathlist - Deathlist
A personal & potent EP from the Summer Cannibals' bad ass, renaissance bassist. Listened to this EP a ton.

2. Genders - Phone Home
So exciting to hear more from one Portland's best bands.

3. Get Real - Get Real
The soulful vocals pleading over shimmering garage rock just hits my sweet spot.

4. Dogheart - Real Mood
Clear, open and upbeat indie rock, with just a splash of fuzz. Perfect summertime mixtape material.

5. Divers - Achin' On b/w Can't Do That (Dead Moon)
Simply put, a great follow up single to my favorite album last year.

6. Moon Tiger - Moon Tiger
From the opening accordion riff and thundering drums, to the powerful oh oh oooh's, there's nothing subtle about this fun and boisterous party pop.

7. Talkative - F Sharp Voice
Stick a tab on your tongue and hop on board Talkative's interstellar psychedelic pop. I love each hazy layer.

8. Eyelids - Eyelids
Every new Eyelids song is a treat and these covers couldn't be more perfect.

9. Alien Boy - Stay Alive
Sweet melodies buried in muddy shoegaze with just right amount noisy details.

10. Times Infinity - Times Infinity
Their chill, spiraling psychedelia just sucks me in. It just feels good. 


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