December 30, 2016

2016 Top 10 Portland Indie Rock Albums

Heading out after fully realizing their breathtaking potential. So many layers of awesomeness.

Just packed with killer dreamy shoegaze. And as you'd hope, it's fantastically noisy live.

Damn, these songs are explosive. Feeling this righteous anger more than ever.

Their tightest, funkiest, and most dynamic songs to date. And so silky smooth.

Youthful, testy, and dimed out power pop, reminiscent of Superdrag classics.

Libre's buoyant bilingual harmonies inspiring basking in the warm Saturday morning sun. Glad Y La Bamba are back with their gorgeous indie folk.

Long anticipated and stellar collection of slacker surf pop.

Kicks off with a killer one-two punch of anxious catchiness.

Messy, boisterous, beer-drenched, and coed - basically, the party you once always aspired to incite. Channeling frustration through harmonized yelling.

What it lacks in fidelity, it makes up for with in-the-red passion and hooks.

Other favorites: Wave Action, Pynnacles, STRFKR, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Bombay Beach, Thanks...