April 20, 2016

Best Albums of 2016... So Far (A Spotify Playlist)

Finding fresh new jams to listen to can sometimes be a time-consuming and overwhelming endeavor, which is in part why this little slice of the internet called QuickCrit was created. Unfortunately, we here at QCM don't have as much time as we once did to ponder and pontificate about new albums, singles, and videos, but I do have time to add new albums to a rolling, ever-expanding playlist.

So, for those of you looking for new tunes in a casual, risk-free environment, I encourage you to follow this playlist on Spotify:

I typically tack on a few new albums a week, so there should be plenty of new tracks for you to peruse even if you are a power listener like me. Of course, if you have any suggestions throughout the year, please feel free to drop a comment.