March 31, 2016

NightraiN's Best of Q1 2016 Kinda Short List

In my opinion, the year in indie and under-the-radar music is off to a great start! Of course, you won't get much in the way of so-called Top 40 recommendations from me, so I'm not really commenting on that side of the industry. In no particular order, I figured I'd share a quick and dirty list, with recent video/audio accompaniment, of what I've been digging during Q1. If you have any song or album recommendations from 2016 so far, please feel free to comment below.

Battleme - Habitual Love Songs - Loved the first album, didn't really connect with the second... this one brings it back around to pretty damn awesome.

Lake Jons - Explore EP - Just a taste from these dudes out of Finland, but I'm enjoying what I'm hearing so far and look forward to giving them the live test if they make it out to this way.

The Duke of Norfolk - Three Days from the Wolf Month - Straight outta Scotland, The Duke of Norfolk compose some refreshingly folksy, strummy guitar tunes in the realm of Frightened Rabbit. You can download this free EP here, but I highly recommend tipping. #SupportTalent

Shearwater - Jet Plane and Oxbow - You may already know these guys due to coverage by Pitchfork and others, but if not, this shit is catchy and eclectic. Interesting video as well for "Quiet Americans."

Rolla Olak - Heavy Feather - Need some mellow acoustic jams for those rainy days and your Earl Grays? Rolla Olak's got you covered. Made in Canada.

Old Man Canyon - Delirium - The first time I heard Old Man Canyon I thought it was new or lost-collection Portugal. The Man. It is not -- it is something different altogether and it is worth a listen if you enjoy some psychedelic rock in your life. Also made in Canada.

Photo Ops - Vacation - Well-crafted feel good, surf pop. Riding the same wave as the Soft Swells and others likeminded surf rock influenced we've discussed on QCM. A solid summer jammy-jam album if you ask me.

Turin Brakes - Lost Property - Totally lost track of this band, but they are back in my regular rotation with this album... particularly this cut below.

Mount Moriah - How to Dance - The band has been around for a minute, but this is my favorite of their albums to date. Fire up this southern rock meets indie rock album for your backyard BBQs.

Night Beats - Who Sold My Generation - Psychedelic trio out of Seattle that will provide that blues-rock fix you've been looking for. Angry cops not included.

Augustines - "Are We Alive" - Oh, and the Augustines came out with a new song. Always fantastic. I can't wait for the "RISE: The Story of the Augustines" documentary to drop.

Bishop - "River" - And, last but not least, if this hasn't reached your ear canals yet, you may find it intriguing... I do.