February 2, 2011

Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde (2011)

For some bands, like Jaill, the move out of the garage can sap some of their energy. However, the Smith Westerns seem to have taken the best of their fuzzy pop and polished it up with gloriously glammy sheen that far exceeds the promise of their debut. Marc Bolan’s T.Rex influence is heavy on Dye It Blonde, but the album is still fresh and sprightly. Every song is catchy and energetic, with smooth guitar-work and sing-a-long choruses. These youngsters out of Chicago have nailed the 70s glam pop sound without sounding gimmicky or pigeonholed. You can’t go wrong with the heartfelt anthem of “All Die Young” or the casual and buzzing boogie of "Weekend". MGMT fans should enjoy the woozy psychedelia of "Imagine Pt. 3" (mp3). I welcome these fresh faces to the rock scene with open arms.

They play Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on the 13th and the Doug Fir in Portland on the 15th.  I can't wait to see them.


awmercy said...

Man, I keep coming back to this album and loving it more each time.

Mona said...

I know the year ain't over yet, but this band has to be my favorite new find of the year (but if Yuck is reading this, ditto for you guys!). You? Gotta love the Teenage Fanclub influence, among others. So freaking good.

Mona said...

Favorite track "Still New." You?