February 3, 2011

The Booze - "Kick Me Where It Hurts"

I am a sucker for bands like The Booze, who are seriously indebted to "Tumbling Dice" era Rolling Stones. They may not be reinventing rock n' roll but they make great party music. On "Kick Me Where It Hurts" (mp3) angelic backing vocals contrast with the lyrics spit through a sneer.

They'll be playing the East End on April 1st with similarly sleazy Biters. It should be a great nigh for fist pumping rock n' roll.


sandenuts said...

definitely hear the stones influence

Larissa said...

Made this my Swell Tune of the day:
Somewhere Mick and Keith are arguing over whether or not this is them.

awmercy said...


Yeah, at this point I bet they wish they were still writing music this fun and exciting.