September 9, 2010

The Biters - The Biters EP / It's Okay To Like Biters EP (2010)

While The Biters' mix of classic power pop and punk rock could easily find a place on Rhino's now out of print D.I.Y. series, their sound mainly reminds me of Portland's fabulous and doomed Exploding Hearts. Judging from their video, they look like some the guys I see down at Slabtown and the East End, where I am sure someday they'll be warmly received if they ever tour through town.

There are plenty of us-against-the-world lyrics designed to maximize the fist pumping, beer swilling, and maybe some joyful jumping around. "Hang Around" (mp3) sneers and postures, but might just be sweet song of friendship. The bouncing rally cry of "Anymore" has a great celebratory cheer in the middle of the chorus. "Melody For Lovers" (mp3) rides a classic escalating riff and hand claps. I'll definitely keep my eye out for the 3rd EP coming out later this year.


Anonymous said...

The Biters are coming to Portland!!!! Just saw it on their website. Late March or Early 2011!!!!!!!!

awmercy said...

I know! And they are playing with the Booze. AND they have a new EP coming out. That show is going to awesome.