January 14, 2011

Light For Fire - Light For Fire (2010/2011)

That I immediately liked the gruff indie pop of "The Letters" on my very first listen to the PDX Pop Now! Compilation, only increases my regret that I didn't pick up Light For Fire's fantastic album until this week. Now I can't stop listening to their tales of love and drinking, and perhaps love of drinking, especially the rousing "NY (By The Hand)" (mp3). Appearing to largely revolve around a particularly bittersweet relationship, the songs celebrate what was and romanticize the whiskey soaked aftermath. Songs like "The Huckster" remind me of Blitzen Trapper's rambling folk-tinged indie rock, while songs like "Vacuum Heart" recall the personal and intimate strumming of M. Ward. The piano's pulse on "The Green Life" (mp3) sounds like a friendly, folkier Spoon. Regardless of their influences, their songs are impeccably crafted and full of hooks and singalong choruses. I love it from beginning to end and can't wait to see them live when the play at Rotture on Sunday, January 30th, with Smile Brigade and El Ray.


Nightrain said...

Great discovery.

I might have to change the release date to 2011 (temporarily) just so it stays in the "current music" rotation.

awmercy said...

I know. I can't believe I missed it. No excuses. Now it's time to make up for all those hours I could've been listening to it.

Anonymous said...


Nick here. Thanks for listening! The album isn't technically released. We'll formally put it out, sometime in the new year.


awmercy said...

Well, that makes me feel better. It's a great album and deserves to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again!

Regards, JNA

Jason Thompson said...

Thanks for sharing these tunes Jesse. Wound up listening to it repeatedly over the weekend.

awmercy said...

Glad you like them.

My current favorite off the rest of the album is "Vacuum Heart".