January 6, 2011

2010 QuickCrit Music Survey - Individual Lists

Hooray! Thanks to the hard work of Ancient Indian Wizard the individual lists are up and once again the page looks great.

I encourage everyone to go and read each other's lists and witticisms. Although there was plenty of overlap this year, there were also quite a few great albums that were only mentioned once. Plus, it's fun just to see what a specific friend liked and to read their comments all at once. Who knows, you may find your musical soul mate.

Thanks again to everyone that contributed.

2010 Individual Lists


Mona said...

Thanks AIW! The individual lists look fantastic, the page is colorful and awesome, and the border is kickass! Way to capture what music in 2010 "looked like." :)

kyoko said...

yay! looking forward to seeing what everyone was listening to this year and hopefully/probably finding some good new music! thanks quick crit crew!