October 12, 2010

Frightened Rabbit @ Wonder Ballroom

There is no better time to see a band than when they're on tour supporting the album you love, and nothing better than when they deliver. I've been heavily playing Frightened Rabbit's new album for months and after Saturday night's concert at the Wonder Ballroom, The Winter Of Mixed Drinks is quickly becoming a contender for my favorite album this year. In fact, it was such a fantastic performance I may try and slip The Midnight Organ Fight back onto this year's list.

What's your favorite song? Oh, they played it. Or at least they played every single song I love off their last two albums and they nailed each one, pouring out emotion and energy for an hour and a half. They genuinely were excited at the crowd's enthusiastic reception, and responded by playing a couple requests, including a B side the band could barely remember. You cannot afford to miss this tour if you are a fan.