October 9, 2010

I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House - Sounds Of Dying (2010)

Hey Lucero fans, you probably should go check out Sounds Of Dying. After taking a break for a couple years and putting out three solo albums, Michael Dean Damron has reformed his harder rocking I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House. I love when he sounds a couple rounds deep and a little pissed off. On "Swear To God" Damron wails, straining his gravely voice to the limit, over a crying and crashing guitar. On "Bad Days Ahead", and pretty much the rest of the the album, the moan and squall of a harmonica plays foil to charging guitar riffs. Combined with Damron's shredded vocals and a pounding drum, it all whips up into a wild batch of rock n' roll. But it's not all spit and piss; "Hotter Hell" is a country anthem that briefly looks up from the gutter to see what lies ahead. There is plenty of laments, regrets, and emotional pleas. These are songs for late nights in the bar and in my experience are best consumed with a boiler maker or three.

If you think your liver can handle it, they'll be at the Doug Fir with Two Cow Garage on Sunday, November 14th.


sandenuts said...

I am loving this band!

awmercy said...

Glad you dig it.

awmercy said...

Oh shit! They are opening for Lucero and Drag The River December 10th at Berbati's Pan. That show is going to be insane! So amped.