October 14, 2010

The Sword - "Lawless Lands" (2010)

The Sword's new album is Warp Riders and the standout track is "Lawless Lands." TS is a classic rock style metal band without the deafening screaming. I am not a self described "metal guy," but there are a few bands I dig and The Sword is at the top of the list. The guitar riffs are mind blowing on pretty much all their tracks, and "Lawless Lands" is no different. The slow build up in the beginning gets your fists pumping, and the lead singer/guitarist John D Cronise blazes through with his gritty and rustic tones....just..... arrrrgh! Yes! What is this? Am I flying on a WWII airplane through outer-space, with an animated amazonian woman who has ridiculous tits riding a dragon as my wingman? WOOOO! Let's rock!