August 12, 2010

Hillstomp @ Wonder Ballroom

Hillstomp is quickly becoming my favorite Portland band. While I love their new album, nothing can replace the intensity of their live performances. Seconds into their set last night, drummer John Johnson's hat flung off the back of his head, a moment later his glasses flew off in another direction and his eyes rolled back into their sockets as he pounded out the beat to "Goin' Down South". Paired with Henry Kammerer crazy eyes expression, they were like men possessed. It was fantastic.

Everytime I've seen them, they've laid it all out on the stage, leaving nothing in reserve. That night was no different. Clearly enjoying playing in front of a hometown crowd, they ripped and pummeled through a mix of new and old hits, including fan favorites like "NE Portland 3 AM", "Darker The Night" and "Banjo Song #1". Johnson, playing barefoot and lacking towel, had to use his discarded socks to dry off his sticks and forehead. Krammerer strummed, plucked and slide his way through a stack of guitars. His command and speed was mesmerizing.

Seriously, do yourself a favor pick up their album or catch them on their tour supporting the Reverend Horton Heat.

Hillstomp - NE Portland 3am - Annie's Social Club from victoria w on Vimeo.


Nightrain said...

Very cool. I love when bands use alternative percussion pieces... like 5 gallon buckets, the tops of trash cans and broken-down wash boards.

sandenuts said...

I can't stop listening to these guys, and I love it.