June 4, 2010

Hillstomp - Darker The Night (2010)

Oh, hell yeah! Hillstomp is back with Darker The Night, banging out another enthusiastic set of down-home Delta blues. On my favorite songs, the two-man Portland wrecking crew slam R.L. Burnside's hypnotic guitar over severely beaten 5-gallon buckets, injecting enough punk energy into traditional blues song structures to make them explode with energy. "Cardiac Arrest In D" lives up to its title, with Henry Christian's barking over John Johnson's rapid-fire drumming and punctuated hoots and howls. The vocals on "S.I.R." are distorted almost beyond recognition while the guitar wildly slides and rips through the propulsive beat. This is garage blues at its finest.

They mix it up with a couple classic covers and expand the sound by heading into Appalachia with "Banjo Song #1", showcasing Christian's finger plucking and giving a shout-out to Portland's clouds and rain on the hillbilly stomp of "Old Plank Road". You can bet I'll be drinking and dancing along at the Wonder Ballroom next Friday (June 18) for the album release show.


sandenuts said...

These guys rip! Diggin the banjo HARD

awmercy said...

If you get a chance you should catch one of their shows. They are fantastic live.