July 27, 2010

Tex's Summer Short List

  1. Owen Pallett
    The sole member of the former Final Fantasy is totally blowing my mind with his Andrew Bird-meets-Brian Eno-doing-a-film score-together sounds. Here's the best live music clip you'll see all year.

  2. Sleigh Bells - "Rill Rill"
    Pretty polarizing band, you love 'em or hate 'em. I can see both sides, but am firmly rooted in the "love 'em" camp. "Rill Rill" miht be my jam of the year. I usually try to work it so it's the last song I hear before I arrive at work at 7:00 each morning. Really compliments the last few sips of coffee.

  3. Wye Oak
    Solid song writing, Spot on execution. Last year's excellent premiere "The Knot" slipped by most of us, but the new EP "My Neighbor/My Creator" should garner some attention. Except for the last track, which is awful.

    Tiny Desk Concert

  4. Cute Bands
    Every couple of years, I get wooed back into the land of the cute bands....the Postal Service, Belle and Sebastian, the Moldy Peaches....they've all gotten me at some point. This year has thus far had a pretty solid batch, the likes of which include:

    Freelance Whales


    And, for old times sake, plus in anticipation of a new album this fall, Ra Ra Riot

  5. The National
    I dare say I'm not the only 30+ year old single man who can put back a bottle of wine and find comfort and solace in the National. Amazing new album. Like you haven't heard it.


Mona said...

I'm feeling your "cute band" list and love. Have you ever seen the official video for "Can You Tell." It will melt your brain... it's that cute, I swear.

awmercy said...

I prefer listening to the National while working my way down a bottle of bourbon, but I am open to pairing them with wine.